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CTS Ceramics Denmark and Thales enter into a four-year 1M EUR contract to develop state-of-the-art sonar technology

CTS Ceramics Denmark and Thales Defense Mission Systems have collaborated since the end the 2000s to build knowledge within sonar technology.  Now the collaboration results in a four-year 1M EUR contract between our two companies further cementing our mutual relationship.  Through this contract, CTS Ceramics Denmark will provide piezoelectric components to Thales future Sonar solutions.

An example of Thales world-leading sonar solutions is CAPTAS-4, the only anti-submarine sonar in the market that guarantees a 360-degree detection of submarines out to a range of at least 80 nautical miles and without dead spots. This performance means that submarines are detected long before they can fire torpedoes. The components are based on piezo sensing technology, which improves the sensor capability of the sonar and plays an important part in the early detection of the otherwise stealthy submarines that hide in the deep and near-coastal waters.   CTS Ceramics Denmark is preselected for supporting Thales in the development of a new acoustic sensor technology to equip a new generation of sonar solutions.  

The collaboration is an example of Thales’ commitment to invest in Denmark and support growth and job creation.  During the last 15 years Thales has cooperated with more than 15 Danish companies investing more than 1.5 billion DKK in industrial co-operation.  

CTS Ceramic Denmark is a leading designer and manufacturer of products that Sense, Connect, and Move. The company manufactures piezoelectric sensors, transducers and actuators. CTS provides solutions to OEMs in the aerospace, communications, defense, industrial, information technology, medical, and transportation markets.