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Danish research and development firm ADNOX from Hadsund signs agreetment with Thales

Last week danish research and development firm ADNOX signed a teaming agreement with Thales Netherlands. The agreement gives ADNOX access to new markets all around the world in the naval domain. Besides new export opportunities the agreement also has the potential to reduce emissions from naval vessals as ADNOX has developed and patented a catalytic converter-based system, which reduces the emissions of dangerous nitrogen compounds (NOx) by 80%.

Thales in the Netherlands specializes in the design and production of advanced sensors, and command and control systems for defense and security applications, in particular in the naval domain. As the electronic combat systems installed on a naval vessel contribute to a significant part of the total power consumption, Thales is investing a significant effort into a number of measures to reduce the impact on the environment, which is derived from the production and operation of its systems.

During the last 15 years Thales has cooperated with more than 15 Danish companies investing more than 1.5 billion DKK in industrial co-operation. The agreement between ADNOX and Thales Netherlands is another example of Thales’ efforts to contribute to unleashing the potential of Nordic companies.

Danish newspaper Nordjyske has written an article about the new cooperation.