on the leading edge of the digital revolution

Disruptive technologies have been taking main stage in recent years including artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, connectivity, mobility and of course social media. These things are changing how consumers, businesses and even governments function. Thales is meeting these shifts in customer expectations to apply new skills to the markets served.
With a clear focus on critical transformative technologies, Thales is taking this digital transformation head on. 

A Digital Transformation Vision

Today the Internet of Things is doubling the data in the world every 12 hours. This is making the world more connected, inter-connected and networked, changing the way people live.  The introduction of new and disruptive technologies are creating more personalized, consumer-centric services driving a need for business to adapt to the evolving market demands.
Thales’ digital transformation vision: Transform the markets we serve and improve the digital future for our customers by solving the challenges they face.