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Executive Vice-President, Avionics

Gil Michielin is a graduate in electronics engineering.

Since 1982, he has spent most of his career at Thales, working in commercial and military avionics.

Through his various roles with the Group, he has been involved in most of the major European civil and military programmes.

Gil Michielin later moved to Thales's Avionics Division, where he was responsible for growing the Group's market share in the commercial aircraft segment, covering air transport, business jets and regional jets, and addressing all major commercial aircraft programmes, such as the A380 and B787, and more recently the A350 XWB, SSJ100, ATR-600 and A320 NEO.

He was elected President of EUROCAE in May 2007.

From 2012, Gil Michielin was Director of Thales's Optronics business worldwide, covering operations in Canada, France and the United Kingdom and addressing airborne, land and naval markets.