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Thales offers innovative and customized solutions by developing advanced Man-Machine-Interface, accurate and immune navigation solutions and integrated solutions.
Thales is a key for access to avionics technologies of tomorrow like MEMS, Galileo navigation, CRPA antennas and new trends for displays.

Thales systems and equipment are fitted to a large range of fighters: Rafale, Mirage 2000, Mirage F1, Jaguar, Typhoon, Tornado, Su-30, MiG-29, MiG-21, F-18, F-16.

1 - Cockpit avionics

AMLCD colour displays
- High resolution
- High luminance and contrast (sunlight readability)
- NVG compatibility
- EFIS or HUD Repeater functionalities
- 1553B and video inputs

Holographic Head-Up Display
- Wide field of view : 30°H - 22°V
- Stroke and/or Raster
- May be fitted with video camera
- A429, X, Y, Z signals,
- Stanag 3350 B or C

TopOwl-F Helmet-Mounted Sight and Display
- The latest HMSD on the market

2 - Mission

Mission recording and debriefing
- Multi-channel digital recording (audio, video, bus)
- Multi-aircraft debriefing
- PC/MCIA storage media

Map processing
- Raster / vector
- 2,5 D

Modular mission computer
- Core avionics for operational functions
- Growth potential mastered by customer

3 - Navigation / Surveillance

- Combined Flight Data & cockpit Voice Recorder
- TSC0-C124a / ED56A survivability solution
- 64 to 256 Mbytes records

INS / GPS EGI 3000
- High-performance ring gyro-laser inertial reference system
- 10 channels embedded GPS receiver

Precision stand-alone navigation
- Alignment (GCA, SHA, EIA, IFA)
- Chained Navigation, Time/velocity guidance, Desired Track guidance, Updating and Marking
1553B, Arinc 429 and synchro interfaces

Air Data Computer (ADC) and probes
- 1553B and IFF interface
- Static & Total pressure measurement
- Total Temperature measurement
- True & vertical Airspeeds and altitude
- Multi-functions probes