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Off the shelf protection solution for VIP and Transport Aircraft. Thales has developed an aircraft self-protection, missile detection for all type of aircraft in all weather operations, with crew situation awareness. The system includes a missile approach warning system using pulse Doppler radar principles and a radar warning receiver. It is already in operation on helicopters, military and civil transport aircraft.


Missile Approach Warning System
Using pulse Doppler radar principles for :
- Reliable detection of missiles with very low false alarm rate
- All weather and all environnement operations
- Continuous and accurate prediction of Time To Intercept for timely optimized use of decoys

Radar Warning Receiver
- Instantaneous wide band receiver for outstanding probability of interception
- C to J band frequency range
- Automatic and instantaneous radar threat identification
- Special features for optimized operation on wide-body aircraft
- In production, supported by major international programs

C-130 Self-Protection
- Modular and flexible architecture
- Simplified interfaces with aircraft avionics for easy upgrade and integration
- Central and synthetic crew display
- Fully user programmable
- Fully automatic operation for minimum crew workload