Strategic HF COMINT/DF solution

ARAMIS is a scalable strategic HF DF and monitoring solution.

ARAMIS is an advanced COMINT system for interception of ground and sky wave communications in the HF frequency band. It allows to monitor, identify, locate and listen any HF transmissions within several thousand of km range.

ARAMIS is based on the latest generation of HF COMINT/DF sensors (TRC 6500), with full HF band digitalization and Super Resolution Direction Finding and monitoring to cope with multiple cochannels signals, providing 100 % probability of interception even on LPI signals.
ARAMIS offers numerous operational benefits:
  • Scalable monitoring capacity thanks to the open processing architecture of each station (fixed or mobile)
  • Long range coverage up to 6000 km
  • Capacity to DF and listen several HF signals in the same channel thanks to Super Resolution algorithm
  • Reduced workload of operator with automated monitoring processing
  • Accurate bearing and location fixing
  • Spatial filtering and fading cancellation
  • Automatic real-time Single Site Location (SSL)
  • Single or networked sensors operation
Thales Group - ARAMIS products

Typical ARAMIS Architecture
Thales Group - ARAMIS architecture