Solutions are built on an understanding of complex operating environments, and the need for secure information sharing, effective communications, reliable 24/7 security and real-time control.

The national security landscape is currently being transformed by the evolution of old threats and the emergence of new ones. In response, participants in Australia’s national security establishment are focusing on working together in new ways, collaborating effectively and offering holistic responses to face these challenges.

To assist in this task, Thales has an innovative product portfolio of cost-effective local and international solutions, including:

  • Secure information sharing
  • Cross domain solutions
  • Critical infrastructure security
  • Secure fixed and deployable communications
  • Cyber protection technologies
  • Border protection technologies
  • Information and communications technology
  • Secure network access
  • ID management
  • Cryptology
  • Physical defences.

Cyber Security

Feel confident your business cyber security needs are covered with global leading cyber security

Thales is a global leader in cyber security products and services. Over 1500 highly qualified cyber security experts, handle national security in 50 countries, and critical information systems for over 100 clients. 80% of the largest banks, energy and aerospace organisations around the world rely on security delivered by Thales.

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