The call for Australian made products around the world has been showcased by a year of solid export growth by Australian Munitions in 2017

To respond to the expanding export demand, Australian Munitions has over 650 staff between its two Australian Government owned facilities working to fill orders by the Australian Defence Force, the domestic civilian market, and now more than 17 countries globally, with around 40 per cent of its production heading offshore.

The unmatched performance of Australian Munitions’ propellants, particularly with its patented Ballistic Temperature Independence, ensures rounds are on target, no matter the conditions. This has led to the products being highly sought after by global manufacturers who use it in their high end applications, such as match and sniper ammunition.

In 2018, AM will celebrate its 30 year anniversary with its distribution partner in the US, the Hodgdon Powder Company.  This partnership has been highly successful due to the growing reloading market favouring AMs propellant.

Thales Australia Vice President Land Kevin Wall said that Australian Munitions customers in Asia-Pacific, the Americas, Europe and the Middle East all rely on the highest quality of our Australian made products. 

“Our products are creating real, delivered value, and in turn, generating more jobs for Australians.

“We draw upon our entire workforce for the innovative solutions, R&D, and home grown resourcefulness that enables us to be truly competitive in the international marketplace.

“It is because of our committed staff that we have had a really successful year and are dedicated towards long term continued export growth.”