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Thales employees shaping their lives with ThalesFlex

Flexible working arrangements have always been part of Thales’ DNA.  Our flexibility framework formalises the company’s approach to embracing work life balance; ensuring our people are able to tailor it to their needs, the needs of their team and the needs of our customer.   

‘ThalesFlex’ is Thales Australia’s workplace flexibility framework, offering employees various ways in which they can ‘flex’ their work including, FlexiPlace, FlexiSchedule, FlexiLeave and FlexiRole. FlexiPlace offers employees the opportunity to work from an alternative site, from home or a third space. FlexiSchedule enables employees to alter their roster or work schedule. FlexiLeave allows our employees to access paid and unpaid leave for community, wellbeing or sporting pursuits and finally, FlexiRole focuses on redesigning a role to enable job sharing.

“By recognising that each member of our team here at Thales has their own set of priorities and goals, each person is able to choose the program, or elements of the program, that best meets their needs” said Thales Australia’s Vice President of Human Resources, Ronan Carolan. 

“For some, staying with their children at certain times can be their priority, so FlexiPlace and FlexiSchedule may be best. For others that have external commitments that would be made easier with FlexiLeave or FlexiRole – that’s the beauty of this program, it can be tailored to meet the needs of our people.” 

The benefits of the ThalesFlex approach extend beyond benefits to the individual.  By challenging traditional ways of working, and preconceived notions of how work is to be performed, the organisation is compelled to regularly reassess its priorities, supporting the continual evolution of work practices, driving value for all. 

“When an employee proposes flexible workplace options, their leader needs to consider it with an open mind; employing creative thinking and challenging traditional mindsets/approaches to work. When an employee feels supported by their organisation, they’ll naturally be happier at work which is a win all round.”

ThalesFlex, in its official form, has been in place since mid-2020 and already there have been a range of positive stories to emerge. From parents that are happier at home to budding athletes making their mark in their sport of choice – whatever the circumstance, ThalesFlex has enabled our employees to experience a much more balanced and positive work life.