We have the largest in-house surveillance portfolio. Our solutions are perfectly fitted for as per our customers’ coverage surveillance needs, without gap nor unwanted overlap thus reducing the overall cost of ownership.


  • Primary Radar - STAR2000 is designed for approach and extended approach for the densest traffic environments. Thales's primary radar offers extremely high availability.
  • Primary Enroute Surveillance Radar - TRAC 2000N has a maximised small target range capability for extended control area.
  • Monopulse Secondary Surveillance Radar - RSM 970 S gives controller total support in severe air traffic conditions. With full Mode S functionalities validated by Eurocontrol, RSM 970 S covers selective interrogation, elementary/enhanced surveillance and full data link.


Automatic Dependant Surveillance - Broadcast

Thales can provide a unique ADS-B solution as a single ground station or a nationwide end-to-end system including aircraft equipage as per customer’s needs.


Automatic Dependant Surveillance - Contract

Air Ground Data Server provides complete surveillance coverage over remote and oceanic regions. Thales's solution supports standardized ADS-C/CPDLC based operational datalink services in oceanic as well as domestic environments.



MAGS is a first choice for complex airspace, congested airports, difficult environments and system extensions. Providing seamless coverage of entire regions or countries, MAGS provides high precision detection and is both ICAO and EUROCONTROL compliant.


Foreign Object Debris Detection System

FODetec is a new tool to avoid FOD incidents at airports. By providing quick, automated detection of FOD on runways and taxiways, FODetec significantly reduces aircraft and passenger safety risks.

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