Thales Australia's Australian Minesweeping System was developed with the assistance of the Australian Defence Science & Technology Organisation (DSTO) and the Royal Australian Navy.

AMAS is a systems approach to minesweeping comprised of a magnetic, acoustic and electric multi-influence sweep; a mine jammer for time limited missions; a sweep tracker monitor system; mission planning support system software; an ECDIS based minesweeping navigation and control system; and a range of integrated logistic support products and services including deployment containers and training. AMAS products can be deployed from mine countermeasure vessels (MCMVs), naval support craft, remote controlled drones and Craft of Opportunity such as fishing vessels.

The AMAS product range includes:

  • Magnetic sweeps
    • Dyads
    • MMJ
  • Acoustic sweeps
    • Advanced Acoustic Generator
    • Infrasonic Advanced Acoustic Generator
  • Electric sweeps
    • Underwater Electric Potential/Extremely Low Frequency Electromagnetic
  • Magnetic Mine Jammer (MMJ)
  • Mission Planning Support System
  • Sweep Tracker Monitor System.