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Austria and Hungary rely on Thales to modernise a large part of their network

In Austria and Hungary, GySEV, the Austrian-Hungarian railway company, provides passenger services in the border regions of both countries to approximately 7,8 million people and a freight performance of approximately 550 tonne-kilometres per year. GySEV has awarded Thales a contract to modernise the train control system on the Sopron-Szombately-Szentgotthárd line (116 km).
As part of this project, Thales will design, deliver, install, test and assure approval for ETCS Level 2 trackside system, including the Radio Block Centre (RBC). This will communicate with the train via radio providing safe, reliable movement authority. Updating the current train control systems will improve the quality of passenger services in the entire region, shortening travel times due to higher speed limits and enhancing safety and comfort along the whole route.
With more than 25 years of experience in Hungary, Thales has established itself as the market leader in the field of signalling technology. Close cooperation between signalling experts from Hungary and Austria plays a major role in creating the high-quality infrastructure and operating conditions for rail transport to deliver high reliability, safety and comfort with improved life cycle cost, delivering value, efficiency and attractiveness for both passengers and freight.
This project highlights the strong position and expertise of Thales's rail transportation business in Austria and Hungary.

Image: By NAC [CC BY-SA 4.0], from Wikimedia Commons