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Digitalisation – The key to success

In an exclusive interview with the French-Austrian Chamber of Commerce (CCFA), Hannes Boyer is talking about his career and a few of the biggest challenges that the Thales Group is facing nowadays.


In the last five years, Thales invested more than seven billion euros in digitalisation. The latest investment led to the takeover of Gemalto, a worldwide prestigious supplier in the digital identity and security solution sector. With this investment, Thales set a tone for everyone.

In Austria Thales has been primarily operating in the rail transport sector for decades. A special focus in this area relies on automatisation and efficiency enhancement. Thereby, digitalisation is the key to success.

On the other side, the market and thus requirements of the mobility users are achieving a dynamic spin. With its competences in the sectors of IoT, Big Data, Cloud Technology and Cybersecurity, Thales is able to assist and accompany its customer’s ways to digitalisation.

“My doors are always open for all employees.”

It is clear, that the CEO has to provide a clear direction and make decisions. One of Hannes Boyer’s biggest matters is the good development of his employees. This goes hand in hand with the delegation of real decision-making power.

Hannes Boyer personally values the long-term and strategic orientation and the decision- making power of the French company culture, especially in regard of the partly utterly volatile business environment. The French-Austrian Chamber of Commerce is obviously an important platform for a company that is part of a French Group. Thales in Austria, as well as Hannes Boyer in person, is valuing the French-Austrian chamber of commerce strongly.


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