Thales supported the Girls' Day 2019 in Austria

Photo Credit: Philipp Hartberger

The Federal Ministry of Digital and Economic Affairs organised an exciting programme für girls in technical, scientific and creative-digital occupational fields. With this initiative, the ministry showcased what perspectives and opportunities digitisation offers to girls.

 „To take the fear of digitization is very important to me. I see great opportunities through digitization for young people and, above all, for girls. In the future, we will work wherever and whenever possible and suitable for us. Access to the best qualifications for girls creates new jobs and ensures the quality of life“, said general secratary Michael Esterl in his welcome speech to the young girls.

Girls' Day for girls & boys

Not only the girls but also the boys were highly interested in digitisation. Therefore, also male students could participate in this interesting program as well. Students from 4th class AHS Kundmanngasse in 1030 Vienna, NMS Konstanziagasse in 1220 Vienna, first class HTL Rennweg in 1030 Vienna and TGM in Vienna 1200 had an exciting morning at the ministry.

Thales secures the digital identity of people and machines

Thales explained the young students, what it means to have a digital identity and why it is so important to protect it; not only important for humans but also for machines, like a train. Under the title „What does digitisation mean for railways" Thales installed a live stream to the lab at the Thales site in Vienna and showed, how railway field elements, like signals or point machines, will communicate in the future via mobile networks.