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A successful instance of event security management: the Brisbane G20 in 2014

An event such as a G20 summit implies considerable security challenges. Welcoming top-level delegations require a high level of security and a 100%-reliable accreditation system, without compromising the fluidity of circulation within the precincts. In Brisbane, in 2014, Thales designed an integrated solution that resulted in flawless operations for all the duration of this high-profile event.

A notable success in the world of event security management

The Brisbane G20 in November 2014 in Australia, like all international meetings of this size, was face with multiple security and operational issues. Managing security for this type of large events goes beyond simple security and accreditation matters. The approximately 4,000 participants, including many heads of state, were to be able to circulate, meet and work in the smoothest possible way, while meeting all the requirements of protocol and diplomacy.
Thanks to a long work of anticipation and design, started more than a year upstream, Thales was able to guarantee a very high level of security for the G20 in Brisbane, without hindering operations, meetings and movements of people.

Integrated resources converging

To achieve this result, Thales had to mobilize and integrate a diversity of technologies:
• A network of security gates, delivering a control both efficient and light;
• A multimodal accreditation system (RFID badges, ...), for optimal reliability;
• An ultra-secure information system, able to cope with potential cyber attacks;
• Centralized management of event information.