Mike White addresses the value of Supply Chain within our Projects in an interview with trade magazines

Procurement and supply chain play a very significant part in the success of the very large projects that Thales handles, where the partnership established with suppliers plays a key role within the business.

As the urban transport Centre of Competence of Thales, the Toronto facility is responsible for a number of worldwide projects, such as the resignalling of the London Metro. Mike White gives his insight of what is going on behind the scenes, with value engineering and design to cost.

The work our suppliers do is highly complex and subject to a lot of changes from designers, but they always manage to do it and it hardly ever impacts on the delivery to the customers. (…) At the product development stage, we work with our suppliers to look at manufacturability of the product components, the global availability of piece parts and general design to cost activities.

- Mike White, VP of Procurement & Supply Chain

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**This article can be found on both Supply Chain Digital & Business Review Canada.


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