Thales in Business Elite Canada: Data & Technology to create efficiencies for optimized safety & security

Thales not only contributes to the country's economy with over half a billion dollars of revenue, a strong export sheet and 1,800 people employed across Canada, but it also has an impact on the safety of our daily lives through critical infrastructure, as explained by our executives. In order to find solutions to current and emerging safety issues and stay at the leading edge of technology and innovation, Thales is one of the Top 100 Research and Development investors in Canada.

We have domain expertise in trains, aircrafts, ships, and vehicles and we understand how the IT (Information Technology) and the OT (Operational Technology) worlds marry together. And when discussing cybersecurity for those physical systems, Thales has expertise in both. It is part of our DNA.

- Siegfried Usal, Vice President, Strategy, Research and Technology

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