What the Future holds for Intelligent Public Transportation – a sci-fi story by Thales

The Fall Issue of Urban Mobility Forum Magazine (Canadian Urban Transit Association, CUTA) featured an article written by Walter Kinio, Vice President, Research & Innovation for Thales Canada Transportation Solutions. The article paints a picture of what the typical commute could look like with advancements in the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) and autonomous vehicle technology.

Walter Kinio uses Boris, a fictional commuter, to illustrate how Thales is working towards a future that is highly interconnected. AI-based systems will integrate vehicle-vehicle and vehicle to wayside communications to allow for an optimized and efficient form of mass road supervision.

Multiple AI systems including personal avatars, real-time adaptive control of transit components, data communications and much more are described by Walter Kinio to come together to plan a trouble-free, safe and secure travel route. The possibilities in this utopian future are endless!

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