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Working at Thales

It all starts with Human Intelligence

At Thales, we are proud to work together to imagine innovative solutions that contribute to building a future that is safer, greener and more inclusive. A future that we can all trust. But these technologies don’t just come from anywhere. 

Human Intelligence is the power behind the technology that Thales is known for. 

At Thales, it all starts with Human Intelligence. That is why our ambition is to create the best possible experience for you. We strive to create the conditions that enable your growth, to facilitate your work-life balance and daily work, and to broaden your prospects.



A mastery of technology in the service of society. 

Our projects are complex and our customers are demanding. To meet their current and future needs, we employ experts in over 100 fields ranging from optics to quantum physics, signal processing, connectivity and artificial intelligence.

Joining Thales means pushing the boundaries of technology, using it to drive the progress and sustainable development of our societies, and taking part in an amazing technological adventure

A regard for balance enabling our people to succeed.

We strive to create a caring work environment and provide our employees with the flexibility they need to strike the right work-life balance, which we know is key to their fulfilment and the success of their projects. 


Rich career journeys.

Thales is one big team, meaning you can work alongside colleagues from different backgrounds, learn from subject matter experts and continue to grow and develop your skills while sharing your expertise with the Group.

You will find ample opportunities to develop your career in new positions or fields or even work in different countries. 

A simple leadership model.

When you join Thales, you will be encouraged and rewarded to “Think big, make it happen, together.” This simple Leadership model is designed to be in line with the Thales purpose, “Building a future we can all trust.”

It is relevant for everyone, wherever they contribute at Thales, with or without people management responsibilities. It sets the tone for behaviours that support our sustainable growth.

International Women’s Day

By embracing equity, we foster stronger sciences.

Women at Thales pursue the action of pioneers before them. Nothing is more inspiring than to work side by side with those that inspire us.

We want everyone, especially women, to feel empowered and legitimate to undertake careers in sciences and contribute to society to their full potential.


Did you know?

The world is filled with technology companies that can attract talented young employees. But how many can compare to Thales?

Thanks to its history, its unique heritage and the opportunities it offers, Thales is one of a kind.

recruitments in 2022
77 000*
employees (*excluding ground transportation)
job families
core markets
€17,6 Bn

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