Thales Group - Suresh DAKSHNAMOORTHY
Cell Leader (Singapore Avionics Production Centre)
“There is no barrier you cannot overcome if you and your team have a “Can Do, Must Do” attitude.”

Together We Grow

It is not easy to find an employer that has the patience to train an employee from ground zero and Thales ranks highly in that area. It was an eye-opener for me when I first joined Thales because I had no experience in the industries Thales was involved in.

I appreciate the support I had, and still have, from my team. Despite being the new-comer when I first joined, my team listened, allowed me to share ideas and valued my input.

I’ve also benefited from the continued mentoring at Thales – both formal and informal - which has greatly helped me progress in my career since I joined six years ago.

One of the things I do today is to represent Thales when we talk to students and prospective employees about a career in aerospace through the Singapore Aerospace Student Outreach Program.