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Ionela_Spanu - Thalesgroup
Product Owner and as IM SSS specifier

I joined Thales 9 years ago. I started as a Software Tester and had the chance of working for two products of the interlocking module (i.e. L90 and L90 5). After a short period of time I took up a new challenge and became Technical Leader. Now I am acting as Product Owner and as IM SSS  specifier for L90 5.
Before Thales, I had worked for almost 2 years as Component Engineer at Design Solutions (i.e. a supplier, at that time, for Freescale Semiconductor). In the meantime I attended a management master’s degree. During my studies at Politehnica University of Bucharest, I worked as a Call Center Operator for Orange.
I chose this path because I was always attracted by the technical aspects and as a student I enjoyed it even more, receiving scholarship every year.  After that, as a graduate of Transportation Faculty, Thales seemed to be the perfect mach. And it still is. 
Looking back, I realize that all projects I was involved in, brought me huge technical knowledge and hands-on experience. In Thales I have the chance of working and learning in a continuous cycle and by doing so, for many years, helped me grow as a professional. Furthermore, the communication with/ within the team, the interaction with different mentalities developed me as a person.
The major challenge of my job today is that my team is facing a new dare: implementing Agile methodology and adapting it to our business. This means changing our mind set and working even more as an integrated team, which I like. Of course, sometimes is difficult and requires perseverance to change work principles but as I expected, it looks like adding another brick to the building.

My wish for the future is to increase my knowledge, expertise and communication skills. To become more professional and to guide the others through my example.
Why should women consider a career in Thales? First of all, because we are like a big family. We enjoy working and doing things together. It’s funny, difficult enough and focused on really interesting projects. There are equal opportunities for everyone to grow, to learn from others, and we can all see signs of progress. I believe any IT engineer should consider working with Thales here in Bucharest.  It is a nice opportunity to be involved in safety systems which have an impact on our real life. At the end of the day is rewarding.  Also, it’s an environment which helps people develop, work in a multicultural environment and travel abroad… a welcoming workplace.