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US-mona-teimoori - Thalesgroup
Aerospace / Pricing Analyst

I came from a healthcare and real estate background, so transitioning into aerospace has been a hugely interesting learning experience. I’ve had to learn everything from airline and station codes to FAA regulations and the plethora of acronyms that are used daily.

I’ve felt supported every step of the way though. Thales believes in developing their employees and it feels great to know they’re making this investment. I’ve had lots of opportunities to work with Program and Bid Managers across Finance and Marketing. This has enabled me to develop skills in a various departments and helped me to choose my role as a Bid Manager.

Working on Service Management Plans has been one of my most exciting projects to date. I was required to read through all of the different Turn-key Maintenance contracts, which outline Thales’s services in detail. Service Management Plans also taught me about the various international stations, the different line maintenance managers at those stations and key milestones in various programs.

The social side of working at Thales is one of the best parts of my job. In the first three months of my internship, we had an ice cream social where Thales set up tables outside the building, put on music and catered freshly made cookies and a variety of ice creams. Recently my department held an event where the whole Customer Services and Support Department team went out to enjoy pizza and bowling. It’s great to develop relationships with new people; it’s made all the difference to my working day.