COBRA is the world's most advanced high-calibre weapon location system. The varied missions capa­bi­lities of COBRA are essential to support all the present and future battlefield situations or scenarios, including:

  • interventions in defence of a nation where return fire is required and a large spread in forces will occur,
  • major conflicts where heavy concentrations of forces and weapons are brought together about a well defined battle area,
  • a peace keeping role where simple monitoring of weapons firings between warring factions over a wide area is necessary.

COBRA is allowed to operate as a major element into a global Artillery C3 system like ATLAS for France, ADLER for Germany and BATES for United Kingdom. It can also be used locally with an autonomous mode. COBRA is managed by EURO-ART GmbH Company* and satisfies the combined operational requirements of France, Germany and United Kingdom.

* Consortium formed by EADS, Lockkeed Martin and Thales.

Main features

COBRA is dedicated to perform rapidly and accurately the following basic tactical missions:

  • location of hostile batteries,
  • adjustment/registration of friendly batteries, 
  • creation of battlefield data,
  • communication with battle forces.

COBRA is composed of a compact station on a shelter or a single vehicle comprising a high performance radar, advanced processing, and integrated, flexible command, control & communication system.

Antenna characteristics:

  • C-band active phase array,
  • fully solid state,
  • azimuth > 180° & tilt adjustment - 5° to + 25°,
  • integrated Inertial Navigation Unit (INU),
  • ECCM.

System survivability in battlefield environment, protection of crew and electronics assemblies: very short reaction time - shelter and antenna kevlar hardening - NBC protection - lightning and NEMP protection.