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With more than 4,000 self-protection equipment and radars installed on board combat aircraft for more than 40 air forces worldwide, Thales has a strong experience as equipment supplier, partner or prime contractor of combat solutions.

Capitalizing on this unrivalled experience in Radar Warning Receivers, Thales has developed the CATS family which provides a cost-effective solution for equipment of a wide range of helicopters.

The CATS family features all state-of-the art functions required for:
• hostile environment situation awareness,
• helicopter self-protection, both combined in a single lightweight equipment.

CATS is based on proven digital technology, coming from new generation multimission EW solutions implemented on modern aircraft.

CATS: The optimized solution to your need.
• Real-time detection of multiple simultaneous air defence threats.
• High performance RWR.
• Flexible installation on various platforms (helicopter, fixed wing aircraft, UAV...).