COMTICS is an advanced communication system based on Thales's sea-proven NGIN and Focon IP solutions, which are fully proven at sea.

By delivering key new services and applications, COMTICS allows greater mobility on board the vessel, supporting changes in the way communication devices are used and in turn driving greater operational efficiency.

COMTICS also offers the highest level of cyberprotection. Designed to meet the specific requirements of operations at sea, including high availability despite the risk of combat damage, COMTICS is built on a redundant all-IP architecture to ensure operational continuity under all circumstances. 
COMTICS is the Swiss army knife of shipboard information ditribution. It's a highly secure system that meets all the tough requirements of the naval environement, yet it's resolutely future-focused to meet the operational, security and reputational challenges faced by navies today
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  • A mature solution, based on a widely adopted, sea-proven system for military applications, with cybersecurity by design and inherent redundancy in case of combat damage
  • Easy integration on all types of vessels:
- interoperability with all external communication system (Thales and third-party HF radios, satcom systems, etc.) and internal comms (helicopters, emergency calls, etc.)
- readily retrofitted (installed and ready in three weeks)
- scalable to all vessel sizes
  • The only product on the market to offer multiedia services on the move