ASMS / SPCS 2012 Conference: Sixth International Conference of advanced multimedia satellite and signal processing for space communications

The conferences are jointly organized by the institutions DEIS and ARCES Institutions of the University of Bologna, the DLR Institute for Communications and Navigation, the European Space Agency (ESA), the Integral SatCom Initiative Technology Platform, and the SatNEx Network of Experts, with the sponsorship and participation of Thales Alenia Space España, the Spanish leader in space telecommunications systems and pioneering in the development of broadband multimedia communications systems.
This jointly conferences organized with the support of the Vigo University and Gradiant, will be held during the 5th, 6th and 7th of September in Baiona, near Vigo, being an outstanding opportunity for industry and research institutions to get the latest updates and to exchange information about recent advances and emerging technologies for mobile, broadband and broadcast satellite communication systems.
Thales Alenia Space España will present the Paper: Security in IP Satellite Networks: COMSEC and TRANSEC integration aspects. It reviews the techniques to help secure communications satellite, both in the upper communication protocols layers (COMSEC) as in the low (TRANSEC), also examining interoperability issues and problems that can be found with safe integration of the layers and performance enhancement devices in the data transport.
It also affects our standardization activity within the DVB group as in the of NATO SATCOM CAT standardization group where we have been active for the TRANSEC implementation of interactive satellite systems. This activity has been reflected in the new DVB-RCS2 to be published in the second half of this year and revisions made to the standards of NATO communications satellite (STANAGs).
Thales Alenia Space España, leads the Spanish space industry of telecommunications, and pioneering the development of broadband multimedia communications satellite systems, has developed multimedia communication systems with on board regenerative processing pioneers in the world, currently in commercial operation services in several commercial satellites, as well in the development and definition of networks and communication protocols for satellite, currently is developing a next generation supports new communications standards  DVB-RCS and DVB-S2 in the framework of the European Space Agency mission programs.

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