Thales is to fit signalling and train protection equipment on the Utrera-Jerez section of the Seville-Cadiz line

Thales España, within a joint venture, has been awarded a public tender for a project for ERTMS Level 2 facilities on the Utrera-Jerez de la Frontera section of the Seville-Cadiz line, along with GSM-R facilities. The Spanish Public Works Ministry has awarded the contract worth 80 million euros to the joint venture led by Thales.

The project section is some 108 km long and the work is part of the adaptation of the Seville-Cadiz line to high-speed traffic. The project’s chief aim is fit the line with suitable signalling equipment and an automatic train protection system for high-speed traffic, so the main items are the installation and maintenance of four new LockTrac 6151/Intersig L905E electronic interlockings and of the ETCS Level 2 European train control and supervision system. Thales will also be responsible for the installation and maintenance of other systems such as the landline telecommunications network and GSM-R mobile railway telecommunications for the Seville-Cadiz line, a maintenance assistance system, track circuits between the stations of Jerez and Jerez Viajeros, power systems for the equipment supplied, and alteration of the Andalusia control centre located in Seville (supplied by Thales) so that it may also cover this line.

This award involves a recognition of Thales España’s record and 60 years’ experience in the railway sector, in planning and performing signalling and train control projects on both conventional and high-speed lines, borne out by its successes in terms of quality and completion periods. Thales España is performing signalling and train control and protection contracts on the Barcelona-Figueras section of the Madrid-Barcelona-French frontier line and on the Orense-Santiago de Compostela section of the high-speed line to Galicia. Currently it also has facilities ready for commissioning this December on the high-speed line from Madrid to east Spain.