Thales at IDEX and NAVDEX 2013

Neuilly-sur-Seine, France – 13th February 2013 – Thales will be participating in IDEX and NAVDEX from 17th to 21st February 2013 in the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC), UAE. Held biannually, IDEX is the only international defence exhibition and conference in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region demonstrating the latest technology across land, sea and air sectors of defence.

Celebrating 35 years of partnership with the UAE

With 35 years of presence and partnership in the UAE, Thales has developed outstanding relations with the countries of the region and is widely recognised as a reliable partner for local companies. In collaboration with our partners in the UAE, Thales will be displaying a number of products on the International Golden Group (IGG) stand and the Earth stand. With over 350 people employed in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, the UAE are the cornerstone of Thales in the Middle East.

Offering a full scope of defence expertise to customers around the world, Thales is unique among defence suppliers in its ability to deliver systems and communication technologies that permanently link land-based units of action with those of air and sea. At IDEX 2013, Thales will showcase its activities in:  

  • Air Mission Systems – as leading provider of cutting-edge equipment and systems to customers worldwide, Thales will be showcasing its air mission system capabilities.
  • Communications – Thales offers a wide range of interoperable systems and tactical radios which provide information superiority to Land, Aerospace and Joint Command Forces. In the field of satellite communications, Thales is a leading global supplier of secure end to end solutions, for the Army, Air Force and Navy, based on civilian and military satellites. At IDEX, a wide range of communications solutions and radio equipment will be presented.
  • Optronics – as European leader in night vision systems, Thales will be exhibiting products from its comprehensive land optronics range, dedicated to assess critical situations and make timely decisions in the battlespace environment, to engage weapons accurately at long range on identified threats, to operate fixed and mobile surveillance of critical assets.
  • Soldier Systems - Thales will be exhibiting integrated dismounted solutions, including C4I systems, radios, optronic and protection capabilities, which provide armed forces with the decision-making and information superiority they need in the heat of the battle.
  • Advanced air defence - Thales is the only group in Europe able to offer the entire integrated capability from air defence radars and C2 through to effectors and their respective fire control systems. Its joint venture with Raytheon, ThalesRaytheonSystems (TRS), is the world leader in Air C4i, air defence and battlefield radars with more than 600 systems in service throughout the world. Thales will be demonstrating its ability as market leader in integrated weapon systems.
  • Thales, as a global leader in naval solutions and a first rate partner to over 50 navies worldwide, provides maritime solutions enabling commanders to reach decisions that deliver better outcomes. At NAVDEX, Thales will be exhibiting a wide range of innovative offerings, illustrating its expertise in the following fields:  

  • Information Superiority – demonstrating Thales’s ability to connect forces for maritime domain awareness and support the acquisition, exploitation and exchange of information, the Thales stand will showcase a number of products including ARTEMIS, a new generation fully passive Infrared Surveillance System and SURFSAT-S, a new X/Ku/Ka SATCOM terminal for small/medium surface ship.
  • Above Water Warfare – Thales’s Above Water portfolio extends from surveillance, command and combat systems to support for weapons systems. At NAVDEX, Thales will exhibit solutions which include the innovative I-MAST 100, a fully integrated naval sensor and communications suite housed in an advanced mast structure, and GATEKEEPER, an electro-optic ship security system specifically designed to provide round-the-clock surveillance in the complex littoral environment. 
  • Underwater Warfare – the Thales stand will showcase our ability as acoustic systems provider for anti-submarine and mine warfare with several mock-ups including the world leader FLASH dipping sonar for helicopters, the low-frequency active towed-array sonar for surface ships CAPTAS-2, as well as the towed synthetic aperture sonar T-SAS for mine detection.
  • Training and Simulation – Thales delivers a complete range of shore-based and at-sea instruction and training solutions such as the CALAS, a state-of-the-art lightweight solution for sonar training at sea and OSATIS on shore sonar training system.
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