Thales is selected to extend the French Army’s RITA communications network

Thales is selected to extend the French Army’s RITA communications network


Thales has signed a €240M contract with the French DefenceProcurement Agency (DGA) to extend the French Army’s RITA (Réseau Intégré de Transmissions Automatiques or AutomatedIntegrated Communications Network). As part of this contract, named RITA N4,Thales will provide the Army with high-performance IP communications systemsfor battalion Command Posts. This success further strengthens Thales’s positionas prime contractor of secure tactical IP networks for the armed forces.

Having delivered RITA for levels 1 – 3,Thales proposes this new version of RITA, intended for Army level 4, or the “Groupement Tactique Inter-Armes”(GTIA) or Combined Arms Task Force, a new level of command to be networked withhigher ranks thanks to RITA.

As a result, the GTIA will becontinuously provided with services at all command levels, from 1 to 4, such ase-mail, attachments, Voice over IP.

“We are proud that the Army and DGA have once again put their trustin us. This RITA N4 system will assist the Army in their increasingly complexmissions”, explained Jean-Michel Lagarde, ThalesVice President, in charge of Network & Infrastructure Systems. “Thismarks the first step towards an all-IP network, which is in keeping with theDGA’s ultimate ambition to equip all the armed forces with the same system, atall different levels of command.

RITA N4 is an extension of the RITA 2Gnetwork, which Thales has been developing since the start of the decade. Thetransmission platforms implemented will include both the SYRACUSE satellite andCHF LOS (Line Of Sight) radio links.

The RITA network iscurrently deployed by the Army on several fields of operations.