Thales signs further orders for S1850M

Thales and BAE Systems Integrated System Technologies have been working together since 2003, as an Integrated Project Team, on the 7-radar program for the Follow-On Systems for the UK Type 45 Destroyer program and the French/Italian Horizon Program.

On 12 May 2005 Thales and Alenia Marconi Systems formally signed the contract for the manufacture and delivery of these seven long-range surveillance radars S1850M for the Follow-On Ships of UK (5), France (1) and Italy (1).

Based on Thales' L-band multibeam radar technology, as used in the SMART-L radars operational on board the German F124 and Netherlands LCF frigate s, this radar concept has become the de facto standard in this class of radars in most major European navies . The S1850M forms the long range radar baseline in the PAAMS configurations on board the Type 45 destroyer in the UK and on board the French-Italian Horizon frigates.

The S1850M is capable of automatic detection, track initiation and tracking of up to 1000 air targets at a range of 400 km. Its performance has already been tested on land, where the system has proven to be highly capable of detecting stealth targets in a land clutter environment. Furthermore, the system has proven to be able to detect and track outer atmosphere objects for future Theatre Ballistic Missile Defence (TBMD) capabilities.