V/UHF EPM (ECCM) tranceivers

V/UHF EPM (ECCM) tranceivers

Fully qualified, field proven, SATURN European Leader

Key features

• Member of the TR 6000 tri-service V-UHF radio family, including airborne and manpack / vehicule configurations
• Multi-band (V and UHF), multi -mode
• EPM (ECCM) - latest generation fast frequency hopping (SATURN, FFH)
• Clear and secure voice
• Clear and secure data services
• Optional receiver guard
• Data links: L11/LY (FF), L22 (FF and EPM SATURN), LX (TDMA in EPM FFH)

Main characteristics

• Frequency hopping
• Second generation NATO EPM (SATURN)
• Customisable National EPM (FFH) with embedded COMSEC
• Legacy FH mode (HQI/II)
• Compatibility NATO COMSEC (KY 58/KY 100)
• Voice
  - Clear and Secure FF and EPM modes
  - 25 kHz and 8.33 kHz
• Data services
  - Clear and Secure FF and EPM modes
  - Point to point, synchronous and asynchronous (FF and EPM)

Our products

- TRG 6030 - Ground/surface V/UHF EPM radio

Markets covered