Thales Australia has a multi-year partnership with Legacy, one of Australia's oldest charitable institutions. Legacy is a unique organisation dedicated to caring for the widows and dependents of Australia's war veterans.

The partnership is Thales Australia's most significant community initiative to date, and demonstrates its willingness to support the charity's numerous activities.


Thales Australia is committed to a proactive environmental protection policy and attaches importance to this principle within the framework of its activities.

Our aim is to build the environmental dimension into every level of our activities, creating a genuine culture of environmental responsibility shared by all employees.

Our environmental goals are:

  • Reduce consumption of energy and natural resources.
  • Limit waste output and reprocessing.
  • Manage atmospheric emissions and liquid effluent.
  • Incorporate health risk management in environmental improvement plans.

All Thales employees are involved in this effort, and our partners, subcontractors and suppliers fully support the company's environmental goals, helping to establish Thales as an economic player with an active commitment to environmental responsibility.


Section 66(6) of the NSW Protection of the Environment Operations Act, 1997 requires that corporations holding environment protection licences issued under the POEO Act, must publish any monitoring data required by the licence on the corporation's website.  Thales Australia holds an environment protection licence for the Mulwala facility in NSW  and so the required monitoring data is in the attached pdf file entitled; "Publication of NSW monitoring data". This data is updated fortnightly and can be found to the right under Related Documents.

Note that discharge point 2, is on the treated water effluent discharged from the site and all of the other discharge points are for discharges to the atmosphere. 

To view our POEO licence please click here.