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Educational partnership between Johannes Kepler Gymnasium and Thales Germany officially sealed

"It's a real win-win situation for both partners," said Headmaster Dr. Rolf Bayer of the Johannes-Kepler Gymnasium in Weil der Stadt at the signing of the cooperation agreement with the internationally active technology company Thales Deutschland, which was represented by Bernd Schopp, Vice President Human Resources, and Jürgen Dollmann, Head of Professional Education & University Relations. The aim of the educational partnership is to give interested students at the JKG an insight into the variety of STEM professions and to support them in finding a career and shaping their professional future. At the same time, Thales Germany is very interested in attracting young people with an affinity for technology to the company. This is to be achieved through a diverse range of cooperative activities that also touch on subjects such as geography, economics and computer science, for example as part of a course on "Technology Business in Globalization" aimed at the course level.

Above all, however, the educational partnership offers students the opportunity to get to know the real world in order to be optimally prepared for the transition from school to vocational training and university. In the future, they will be able to spend the annual Girls' and Boys` Day at Thales Germany or complete the BOGY internship. Course students will also be given the opportunity for further internships, where they will not only learn more about the company's business areas, but also about the various apprenticeship professions and the dual university courses of study at the DHBW in Stuttgart. In addition, Thales Deutschland will also participate in internal school career information events such as the "Study and Career Ambassador Day" organized by the school's BOGY representative Jessica Friedl, who together with Jürgen Dollmann will be the contact person for implementing the cooperation agreements. At the end of their visit, the two guests were able to make the acquaintance of students at the JKG who are interested in technology in the Robotics AG. Here, there was a lively exchange with the students about the design, construction and programming of their robots, and Dr. Rolf Bayer and Hendrik Thiery, as group leaders, were available to provide further information.