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The Port of Marín relies on Thales to modernize its railway network

  • Starting from now, this project will bring significant improvements to the safety and efficiency of Rail-port operations, thanks to the introduction of a digital operational support manager.
  • With a completion period of 15 months, the project has an awarded budget of just over two million euros (including VAT).

Thales, a leading company in railway solutions for port environments, has started the automation and monitoring project for the Port of Marín , in Pontevedra.  The port will now be equipped   with a digital manager to assist railway operations. Following the 15-month execution period and a budget of just over two million euros, the movement of the Port's track equipment will be automated and remotely controlled.

The automation of the Port of Marín is an ambitious project. The Port of Marín is the first in Galicia to use railways for freight transport and among the first in the country in terms of the percentage of goods on rail with respect to the total operated annually in the Port.  By eliminating manual operations of the turnouts, the project will bring significant improvements in two essential aspects. Firstly, in terms of workers' occupational safety, as mechanical elements that require manual effort will be replaced with motors. And secondly, in terms of efficiency as it will save time and reduce manoeuvring costs.

This will be achieved by equipping the rail-port operations with a digital operating aid manager that integrates the automation of mechanical elements, signalling and fibre-optic communications. Additionally, the system will be responsible for verifying the status of the equipment, and facilitating local and central monitoring of all rail-port activities.

The project will include the motorisation of switches and the installation of associated equipment to enhanceand simplify operations.This will enable central monitoring of the presence of trains in the trackbed area of the site.

Thales' digital transport systems and services are enhancing operational efficiency, improving the travel experience of passengers, and the efficiency of freight transport.

Thales has an extensive experience in port solutions

In addition to the ports of Ferrol-San Cibrao, Seville and Pacorbo-Bilbao, Thales has also contributed in the development of the intelligent railway operation system for the Port of Huelva. The system implemented here facilitates the exchange of information across the multimodal logistics platform, contributing to enhance port efficiency, accessibility and security.



"The fact that Thales has been developing digitalisation, security and data analysis projects in port environments for years has resulted in the creation of more efficient, secure, reliable and sustainable transport systems. This facilitates the maintenance and operation of the railway network" said Fernando Ortega, General Manager of Transport at Thales in Spain.


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