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Thales in the UK Celebrates Armed Forces and Reserves Day

As Armed Forces Week and Reserves Day approach, Thales in the UK is gearing up to honour and celebrate the remarkable contributions of our Armed Forces. This annual celebration, taking place from 24th to 30th June, is a time for the nation to show appreciation for the men and women who serve and have served in the British Army, Royal Navy, and Royal Air Force. Reserves Day, observed on 26th June, specifically recognises the dedication of reserve personnel who balance civilian careers with military service.

Commitment to the Armed Forces Community

Thales in the UK has a longstanding commitment to supporting the Armed Forces community. With approximately 10% of our 7,000-strong UK workforce being veterans or reservists, we understand the invaluable skills and experiences these individuals bring to our business. Their expertise enhances our capabilities and helps us deliver innovative solutions across defence, security, aerospace, and space sectors.

Events and Activities

To mark Armed Forces Week, Thales in the UK has planned a series of events and activities across our sites:

Flag Raising Ceremonies: We will hold flag-raising ceremonies at our main offices to show our solidarity and support for the Armed Forces.

Veterans and Reserves Talks: Veterans and reservists within Thales will share their stories and experiences, highlighting the skills and values they bring from their military service to their roles within the company.

Community Engagement: Our employees will participate in community outreach programmes, engaging with local schools and community groups to promote awareness and appreciation of the Armed Forces.

Thales' Contributions to National Defence

Our support for the Armed Forces extends beyond celebrations and recognitions. Thales in the UK is a key strategic partner to the Ministry of Defence (MoD), providing cutting-edge technology and solutions that enhance the operational capabilities of the UK's military. We deliver over £500 million per annum in capability to the UK MoD, reinforcing our role as a reliable and innovative supplier.

Supporting Reservists

Thales is proud to support its reservist employees through flexible working arrangements and dedicated policies that allow them to fulfil their military duties. We recognise the dual commitment these individuals make and the unique skills they develop through their service, which are invaluable to our business operations.

Looking Ahead

As we celebrate Armed Forces Week and Reserves Day, Thales in the UK reaffirms its commitment to supporting the Armed Forces community. We are honoured to contribute to the defence and security of our nation and will continue to leverage our technological expertise to support the UK's military and national security objectives.

For more information on Thales' involvement and support for the Armed Forces, please click here.