Key Points

  • Thales is the provider of a unique urban video surveillance project to improve the security of Mexico City: Ciudad Segura
  • In 2015, Thales won the IPMA award for the Ciudad Segura Project
  • Thales in Mexico acts as a HUB for security markets in Latin America


Thales supplies the urban security solution to the City of Mexico: the Ciudad Segura project. The project is a joint endeavour of the City of Mexico, Telmex (a leading Latin American telecommunications company) and Thales. The system processes information from more than 15,000 video cameras and sensors located across the city and allows to generate, manage incidents and dispatch security forces in case of emergency situations.

Ciudad Segura is a unique urban video surveillance project to improve security across the metropolis and protect citizens from crime, terrorism, attacks on strategic sites, natural disasters and other threats. In 2009, Thales was awarded the first phase of the project for the deployment of 8,000 cameras. In March 2014, Thales was awarded the second phase of the project to double the capacity with the deployment of further 7,000 cameras, as well as panic buttons, loudspeakers and law enforcement.

The Ciudad Segura project allowed a reduction of 56% of high impact crimes and a reduction of car theft by 50%, according to official reports (as of June 2016). Through its security HUB, Thales was awarded a TETRA communication project for the metro of Mexico City and a contract to protect the headquarter of the General Attorney (Procuraduría General de la República).


Thales has supplied 70mm rockets to the Mexican Armed Forces in the framework of a contract signed with the Ministry of National Defence. This material includes ultimate generation rocket motors, heads of practice and warheads to be loaded on the Mexican Air Force's EC725 Cougar helicopters. The Group expects to extend its defence activities in the short term.