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From take-off to landing, Thales offers the most complete range of solutions to address all Communication, Navigation, Surveillance/Air Traffic Management (CNS/ATM) needs to provide dynamic Air traffic Control (ATC) to support today’s growing domestic and international  travel requirements.

Thales Air Traffic Management Systems are highly adaptable and designed to support both current and future civil and military air traffic management needs. 

In Australia, we provide our customers with the most adapted CNS/ATM solution, offering them a unique global ATM capability.

In 1994 Airservices Australia, responsible for Australia’s sovereign airspace, awarded Thales a contract to develop the Australian Advanced Air Traffic control System (TAAATS). 

TAAATS was successfully delivered to Airservices Australia in 1997 and has been progressively updated to reflect changing technologies and requirements and as such is one of the world’s most advanced Air Traffic Management systems. 

The Melbourne Centre of Excellence for Air Traffic Management (ATM) systems exports TopSky systems throughout Asia-Pacific region and beyond to Africa and Middle East. With 80% of revenue generated through exports, Thales Australia is a major Australian exporter with cumulative exports nearing A$1 billion since 1995. 

Thales Australia will utilise this experience and knowledge to deliver a harmonised Civil Military Air Traffic Management System (OneSky) in Australia, to Airservices Australia and the RAAF.

Investment in Australia
Thales Air Operations exports have totalled AUD1B+ in the last 10 years.

Australia’s economy and national development demand that Australia continues to build its skills in IT and successfully compete its products and services on the world stage. 

Thales has invested in the development of software products and services in Melbourne that have been successfully exported worldwide. We remain dedicated to growing our Australian operations and engineering workforce as well as to continuing our significant contribution to the Australian economy. 

Our Australian Graduate program assists with the development of the new generation of skilled people who will deliver the services necessary to supporting the future growth of the Australian based Aviation sector.

The Australian technical and industrial skills support global ATM systems.

Australia - Air Operations
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