Thales has delivered the Danish Travelcard system and is charge of its operation and maintenance for the next 10 years.
In 2012, Thales signed a contract for designing and building a new ETCS level 2 signalling system in Jutland, Denmark.

In Denmark, Thales boasts a number of significant achievements in round Transportation. Two of the most well-known projects include the modernisation of Danish mainline signalling and the ‘Travel Card’ ticketing system.

In 2012, Banedanmark, the Danish rail infrastructure manager, awarded a consortium composed of Thales and Strukton Rail with a contract to upgrade the signalling system in Jutland. Located in the Western part of Denmark, the project modernised approximately 1,200 kilometres of the Danish railway network (60%) with the new European ETCS level 2 system. Since then, Thales in Denmark has been working on the design and structure of the system in close cooperation with Strukton Rail. Thales is set to transfer to the maintenance phase by 2021.

Since 2005, Thales has been working on delivering the Danish Travel Card for Rejsekort A/S, which aims to provide a nationwide electronic ticketing system. Since 2012, the system has been in full national and commercial operation, and with the decision of MidtTrafik and Fynbus to join the Travel Card collaboration, all public transport operators are now connected. Thales is in charge of the operations, maintenance and installation of the system.