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Strike the right work-life balance

Demanding roles

Working for Thales is demanding, not only because of the sheer scale of the challenges that need to be met, but because Thales’s systems need to perform flawlessly in all circumstances. And because our customers – operators of critical infrastructure, systems and services – are extremely demanding themselves.


Thales was rated the second most attractive company by engineering students in the 2022 Universum rankings


of new products eco-designed by 2023

Net Zero

Thales has committed to achieving carbon neutrality by 2040 for its operational emissions


job vacancies in 2022

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This is why we are committed to the well-being of all Thales employees – because we know that your professional growth and the quality of your outcomes depend on striking the right work-life balance.

Thales helps you get the balance right by providing inter-company childcare facilities, a hybrid organisation with remote working when and where possible, the right to disconnect, and the opportunity to work close to home at one of our 46 sites in France.

Remote working best practices

Remote working was already common practice before the Covid-19 pandemic, but since the health crisis began it has been rolled out on a broad scale wherever possible. Thales has paid special attention to the specific risks linked to remote working as well as addressing psychosocial risks (best practices for security and quality of life, the right to disconnect, healthy lifestyle, etc.). 

Employee testimonial

Aude M.

“I’m a working mum with an eight-month-old daughter. My nanny recently had to go into hospital for an urgent operation, and I had nobody to look after my little girl – just when I had an important deadline to meet at work. So I signed up with the Solu'crèche platform, and immediately found a place in a nursery close to where we live. If the Group hadn’t had an agreement with the Crèche Attitude network, I don’t know how I would have managed.” 

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