Thales is looking for new colleagues! We are seeking ambitious people from different disciplines, who want to work in a high-tech international environment.

Do you have a technical background and are you interested in further exploring technology? Thales supports and supervises you in working as a specialist (e.g. Software Engineer, Product Test Engineer or Cyber Security Engineer) together with colleagues in multidisciplinary teams at a high level. If you have ambitions to grow into the position of Software Architect, we can offer you this opportunity. Does a managerial role suit you? In that case, a position as line, group, or programme manager is a future possibility. Are you interested in working at the interface of commerce, managerial and logistic processes and technology? At Thales you can work as a Bid Manager, Purchasing Specialist or Logistic Engineer.

After graduating, Thales offered me a job as an engineer. I enjoy being able to make the transition from theory to the work situation."
Remco IJpelaar - Engineer

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If you are interested in other areas, such as Purchasing, Finance, HR or Communications, Thales also offers opportunities for you. Find the perfect job, right here.


What I like about working at Thales is the open culture, working in multidisciplinary teams in a beautiful and trendy building. People are passionate about their product.
Sigrid Reumer - Recruiter

In addition, each year Thales offers a selection of more than 100 interesting internships and graduation projects, under professional supervision and with access to excellent facilities. We have ample opportunities for students or graduates in the field of (Applied) Mathematics (Applied) Physics, (Applied) Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering or Electrical Engineering.
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