Thales Programas collaborates with the Armed Forces and is leader in command and control and tactical communications (C4ISR) oriented to defense. With over 25 years in the market and export experience, Thales offers a wide range of services and solutions in command and control systems. Thales has conducted command and control systems for various ground forces as the Spanish and Swiss. It has also developed a range of products based on internal R&D.


  • C2 Headquarters
    Command and Control Systems designed for the three levels: strategic, operational and tactical.
  • C2 Vehicular
    Tactical command and control vehicles line designed to work on CNR bonds
  • C2 Command Posts
    Tactical command and control system for ground forces, from brigades to standard vehicles.
  • C2 CBRN
    Tool for monitoring chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear threats.
  • XOmail
    XOmail is a vital component in handling and transferring information within a C4ISR system, using messaging functions in military environments.
  • Horus X
    HORUS is a suite of tools to exploit information coming from multiple sensorsTransforms sensor data into information, integrating sensors in a seamless way, providing the user with a single situational awareness view with all the needed information.


  • SIMACET: Command and Control System for Spanish Army. Deployed and in use since 1999 for Command Posts to battalion level.
  • BMS LINCE: command and control for the Leopard battle tank in Spain. Deployed and in use since 2002 for conducting operations planning capabilities. Optimized for the use with battle tank radios (VHF and HF).
  • FIS-HE: command and control for the army of Switzerland. Deployed and in use since 2006 for headquarters, command posts and vehicles. Functionality of planning and conducting both civilian and military operations, optimized for the use with tactical radios (VHF and HF).
  • ECCS: command and control ground forces and set level for a country in the Persian Gulf.