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Thales Programas has a center for experimentation and R&D, Smart.LAB to give the answer to the needs of the armies of the XXI Century, allowing interconnect all C4ISR systems and telecommunications (both tactical and combat radius networks) and experience in new concepts and systems. In addition, Thales develops programs in their dinning a range of internal R & D products that make up a system of command and control, some of them are: + ne.on C4.I, + ne.on BMS, + ne.on ISR ( among others)

Actions and functions that are developed in this center:

  • Integrating solutions "network-enabled" (NNEC) a center of experimentation with a service-based architecture.
  • Deploying both NEC (C4ISR ne.on LINE) systems as legacy systems (SIMANCET, Lince, Zodiac / Taurus, SIACOM, SIMBAD) enabling interoperability among themselves.
  • Interconnection with other centers of experimentation Defense Ministry.
  • Providing a network and information infrastructure (NII, Networking and Information Infrastructure) on telecommunication systems and service (RBA / CNR, RETUME) Future (SDR, RTIP, WiMax, etc.) to measure the effectiveness of information systems in a real environment.
  • Enhancing experimentation in new concepts and military capabilities that respond to new scenarios.
  • Allow the incorporation of new technological advances to develop new concepts and capabilities.
  • Provide a tool for the development of CONOPS (Concept of operations) to the staffs.