Thales Programas is a leader in the manufacture of radios with more than 14,000 units PR4G radio and has adapted and product development for various communication systems. He has worked on numerous vehicle facilities RBA (Basic Army Communications Network).


  • Synaps: collaborative combat
    SYNAPS does not require users to trade security for performance.
  • PR4G F@stnet
    An advanced CNR with simultaneous Voice and IP. More than 155,000 radios in service in more than 43 countries.
  • St@rmille
    St@r Mille is a high capacity UHF soldier radio ideal for modern infantry combat.
  • Watcher
    Watcher is the universal Man machine Interface of Thales Communication’s tactical radios
  • HF Radios
    Long range communication solutions. More than 15,000 radios delivered in more than 35 countries.
  • Deployable networks
    We have significant experience as a prime contractor, systems architect and integrator, and service provider, which enables us to provide a range of infrastructure network solutions to meet every customer need.