Cybersecurity is a major concern for businesses, governments, and people worldwide—and with good reason. Ever more complex cyberattacks jeopardize security and disrupt the economy at both the private and civic levels.

Thales is a global technology leader in data secure solutions and advanced services that guarantee confidence for the creation, the share use and data storage.

Ensuring data belong to companies and public organizations count with security and confidence in every area (intern, in the cloud, data centers or big data environments) without resign to the business agility. Security not only reduce risk, but make possible digital initiatives omnipresent in our lives, such as, digital money, electronic identities, e-health, connected vehicles, and by  the internet of the things, also in home devices.

Thales provides all what an organization needs to protect and manage their data, identities and intellectual property and also to attend normative requeriments, through encrypted codes, advanced management of codes, tokenization, users control with advantages and high protected solutions. Security professionals worldwide appeal Thales to speed up with plenty confidence the digital transformation of their organizations.

Ensuring the cybersecurity of an organization requires a deep understanding of its operations, its strategic activities, and its interactions with customers and business partners.


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of the 20 largest global banks
of the 5 largest oil companies
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