Thales Alenia Space España has over 20 years of experience in scientific and Earth observation missions, providing communications equipment and data handling and control units for programs for space agencies around the world: ESA, NASA, CDTI, CNES, JAXA, DLR, ASI, CSA, CONAE, KARI, GISTDA, NSPO, ISRO, etc.

Today, Thales Alenia Space España has activities in the field of optical observation payloads, as responsible for the detection electronics, video chain, and the optical instruments control units. To perform the assembly, integration and test activities (AIT) and the characterization of image sensors, the company has an Optical Detection Laboratory, class 100 (ISO 5), unique among its kind in Spain.


Instrument Electronics
Thales Alenia Space España is centre of excellence of the Thales Group for medium resolution optical payloads. Some reference programs in this field are the development and delivery of the optical instruments electronics for the satellites Ingenio (Spanish National Program of Earth Observation by Satellite, PNOT) and Sentinel 3 (GMES program of the EU / ESA). The company also supplies the instrument electronics of the Microwave Radiometer for Sentinel 3.


Data Transmission
Thales Alenia Space España provides communications systems and equipment for both TT&C (Tracking, Telemetry and Command) and for the transmission to Earth of science data and images. The company is the world's leading supplier of S-Band TT&C transponders, equipment commonly used in these types of missions.
Besides, Thales Alenia España provides the X-band (image) Transmission Assemblies for the satellites Sentinel 1, 2 and 3 (GMES program) and for Ingenio (PNOT program)


Sensors for Formation Flying
Thales Alenia Space España is a pioneer in the development of positioning sensors for formation flying missions, in both radiofrequency and optical technology. The company has supplied the radiofrequency units of the sensors on-board the Prisma mission (demonstration of formation flying with two satellites).


Main Programs Participated:

  • Observation references (>45 programs, 70 satellites): Envisat, Cryosat, Goce, SMOS, Swarm, ADM-Aeolus, EarthCARE, Sentinel 1, 2 & 3, Meteosat 2nd & 3rd gen., Metop, Ingenio, Coms, Jason, Calipso, Megha Tropiques, SPOT, Helios, CSO, Pléiades, SAR-Lupe, OCO, Aquarius/SAC-D, Saocom, Scisat, Cassiope, Radarsat, Kompsat 3A, Theos, Rocsat 2, DZZ-HR...  
  • Science references (>20 programs, 24 satellites): Mars & Venus Express, Gaia, Cluster, Herschel, Planck, BepiColombo, Integral, XMM, Soho, Rosetta, IBEX, Smart 1, Corot, Prisma, ExoMars