• Ground Segment for Telecommunications Systems

  Based in the experience on the three regenerative systems Amerhis 1 and 2 and REDSAT, Thales Alenia Space – España has in its portfolio a management station composed by a control and a management centers, as well as the controls of the embarqued part of the system

  • Ground support equipment for AIV&V tasks

  Thales Alenia Space – España has all the necessary means to validate and qualify the in-house manufactured pieces of equipment. A complete set of tools that allow all the complex validation activities of the hardware before they are accepted by the client. From engineering breadboard up to the in-orbit validation going through the calification campaign of the EQM and the flight models.

  • Support and development of on-board SW

  Thales Alenia Space – España is able to satisfy present market needs concerning flexible embarqued solutions, during definition phase and during the satellite's lifetime. Designs based on microprocessors and reconfigurable FPGAs are the more and more demanded and will be the inmediate future also for space applications.

  • Turnkey solutions for advanced telecommunications based on regenerative payloads and hosted payloads.

  Thales Alenia Space – España, as part of the Thales Alenia Space group, has the capability of providing its clients with final solutions fully adapted to their needs. Advanced systems based on on-board processors as well as hosted payloads in shared satellites are part of the solutions portfolio in Spain.