Besides, the company is a world reference in the development and supply of on-board equipment.

Thales Alenia Space España develops and supplies telecommunication systems and advanced payloads, being the Spanish leader in this field. Besides, the company is a world reference in the development and supply of on-board equipment:
- Radiofrequency: European leader and second global supplier of filters and input multiplexers IMUX (payload)
- On-board digital signal processing (OBP) for regenerative payloads
- TT&C (Tracking, Telemetry and Command): S band TT&C transponders (world leader), telemetry transmitters and beacons
- Data handling and control digital electronics units for the satellite platform.


Mobile TV

Thales Alenia Space España, together with Thales Alenia Space, developed and manufactured the first European S-band mobile TV repeater. On board Eutelsat W2A satellite, it allows the provision of mobile satellite services including the broadcast of TV and digital radio directly to mobile users and the provision of interactive services.



IP (Internet Protocol) communications over satellite demand more capacity and bandwidth efficiency, lower latency, higher quality of service and mobility than conventional satellite communication applications. The AmerHis system developed by Thales Alenia Space España, in operation in Amazonas 1 and 2 satellites of Hispasat, implements a full-mesh, single hop, multi-beam regenerative satellite architecture based on the European open standards DVB-RCS and DVB-S.
The AmerHis system is the perfect solution for point-to-point satellite network connectivity and real-time IP services, and it is the best suitable solution in terms of secure communications and dynamic bandwidth allocation. The company is currently developing the REDSAT system, a solution based on DVB-S2 standard, which will be implemented on Hispasat’s AG1 satellite.


ATM (Air Traffic Management)

With the global growth of air traffic, new highly efficient navigation systems are needed. SESAR is the Single European Sky initiative of the European Community, a project to modernize the Air Traffic Management in Europe. IRIS is an ATM satellite-based communications program from the European Space Agency (ESA). Thales Alenia Space España currently contributes to the definition of satellite communication systems in the frame of SESAR and IRIS programs.



Galileo is the European satellite navigation system to provide guaranteed high precision positioning services worldwide, under civilian control. Thales Alenia Space España contributes to the Galileo system from the definition phase up to the development and validation of the system, providing its global leadership in the development of TT&C communications systems and equipment and Clock Monitoring and Control (CMCU) units for the navigation payload.


Main Programs Participated

Telecom references (>160 programs, 270 satellites ): Hispasat, Amazonas, Eutelsat, Hylas, Artemis, EDRS, Syracuse, Skynet, ComSatBw, Sicral, Athena Fidus, Astra, AMC, SES, Thor, Turksat, Express, Yamal, Yenisei, Loutch, KazSat, Lybid, Amos, Arabsat, YahSat, Nilesat, Rascom, APStar, Sinosat, Chinasat, AsiaSat, Koreasat, Thaicom, Telkom, Palapa, Optus, Jabiru, Ciel, WorldStar, Galaxy, ICO, TerreStar, Telstar, Star One, Satmex, Arsat, Globalstar, O3b, etc. 

Navigation references (5 programs, 11 satellites): Galileo IOV, GIOVE A, A1 & B (GSTB), MTSat 1, 1R and 2, QZSS