The world’s most advanced multi-function passive Threat Warning System

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Elix-IR™ is the world’s most advanced multi-function passive Threat Warning System (TWS), offering the core functionalities of a simultaneous Missile Approach Warner (MAW) and Hostile Fire Indication (HFI) solution to counter existing and future missile threats. It is suitable for use on a wide range of rotary and fixed wing platforms such as helicopters, transport aircraft, UAVs and VIP aircraft and is available now and:
  • Is a UK Sovereign capability, developed in collaboration with the UK MoD, that increases platform survivability and mitigates the ‘Risk to Life’
  • Detects, tracks, classifies and alerts crew and, if fitted, the platform’s Defensive Aids Suite Controller (DASC) to Missile and Hostile Fire (gunfire and RPGs/UGRs) threats directed at the platform
  • Increases platform survivability thereby enabling greater exploitation and utilization of platform capabilities in non-permissive and high threat environments, concomitantly enabling broader operational employment and mission success rates

Enhanced Survivability

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Air platforms are fundamental in the support of war fighting, peace-keeping, peace-enforcement and humanitarian operations worldwide. These varied missions often present hostile and threatening conditions to the safety of the crew and passengers. In all operations, air platforms remain high value assets that present a prime target for conventional and terrorist organisations.
Platforms face an increasing threat from:
  • The proliferation of passive Man Portable Air defence Systems (missiles) to many rogue organisations
  • Missiles with increased ranges, improved counter-counter measures and are simple to use
  • Hostile fire from guns (small to large calibre), unguided rockets and RPGs
  • Operations in degraded visual environments and hostile terrain. 
Elix-IR enhances the survivability of air (Rotary and Fixed Wing) platforms across the span of operations by providing timely warning of threats to the crew and timely cueing of appropriate countermeasures; Elix-IR also provides for improved Situational Awareness for tactical threat avoidance and pilotage through use of its Infra-Red imagery.

Enhanced Operational Capability

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Elix-IR leverages the extensive experience of Thales in sensor and signal processing technologies:
  • Provides cost effective, advanced threat warning of current and future missile and hostile fire threats
  • Enables fast and accurate cueing of active and passive countermeasures
  • Generates situational awareness for both tactical threat avoidance and pilotage
  • Easy integration on helicopters, transport aircraft, UAV’s and VIP aircraft
  • Is ITAR-free, allows freedom of action and is exportable 

Simple Installation

Elix-IR offers simple installation with between four to six distributed sensors (dependant on platform type/configuration) to maximise protection coverage. It can easily be integrated with avionics systems or Defensive Aids Suites (DAS) due to:
  • Use of a Modular Open Architecture
  • Compatibility with avionics interface standards
  • Compatibility with all current and evolving NATO DAS standards
  • Suitability for use as part of a Defensive Aids Suite or as a stand-alone system
  • Optimised Size, Weight and Power
  • Multi-function capability from a single sensor system 

Key Benefits

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  • Elix-IR provides advanced combined simultaneous and unimpeded Missile Warning, Hostile Fire Indication and Imagery (360° Coverage) from a single sensor system
  • The system delivers long range detection and declaration of passively launched Surface to Air Missiles – ManPADS and CrewPADS, and Hostile Fire threats – Gunfire, RPG’s and Unguided Rockets
  • Elix-IR has a high probability of declaration with a low False Alarm Rate
  • Elix-IR provides highly accurate Angle of Arrival information for Firepost Location and cueing of passive and active effectors
  • The system increases Situational Awareness Elix-IR is easy to Integrate on a wide range of platforms – helicopters, transport aircraft, UAV’s and VIP transport
    • Threat avoidance
    • Pilotage imagery
  • Elix-IR is UK designed and manufactured, is ITAR-free and is exportable 

Enhanced Mission Success

Most importantly, Elix-IR will enhance the prospects of mission success and survival, enabling aircrew and passengers to return home safely.

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