Thales in the UK: Providing Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance systems for the land environment

Thales in the UK is a European leader in the development of sensors, communications and mission systems for ground-based platforms. With more than 40 years of experience in surveillance development, Thales is at the forefront of ISR systems and solutions.

In a fast moving, high definition world, seeing is no longer believing. Our customers need intelligence from a wider range of inputs to ensure they capture all the information necessary to make decisions with confidence.

Thales in the UK’s ISR products incorporate the flexibility to collect, process and disseminate intelligence data to ground forces, enabling better decision making and more timely reactions. This can be the critical factor in a mission’s success as well as reducing the loss of life and infrastructure.

ISR applications for an array of missions and environments

Thales ISR solutions are designed for defence, security and environmental protection applications in order to enable our customers to see and hear more and further than ever before and to build a clearer intelligence picture.